West Midlands Police apologise to the Powell family

Mikey mother leads marcherscourtesy of INQUEST
published: 6 September 2013

As the family of Michael mark the 10th anniversary of his death tomorrow, Saturday 7 September, West Midlands Police have issued a formal apology for the first time.

Mikey Powell was 38 years old when he died after being detained by West Midlands Police on 7 September 2003. He had three children. He had a mental health crisis and smashed a window at the home he shared with his mother. His mother called the police for help, assuming they would take him to hospital.

During the incident that followed, the police drove a car at Mikey as fast as they could, claiming they thought he had a gun, which he did not. Mikey was injured but survived the collision.

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Family and friends remember Mikey

Well wishers and family gatherThe Powell family have held a candlelight vigil in memory of Mikey Powell who was killed in police custody in 2003. The vigil took place outside the Thornhill Road police station, Birmingham, West Midlands.

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Mikey’s sister, Sieta Lambrias said; “On Sunday 11th September, a day many people were remembering there loved ones because of the 911 attacks in America, we were also remembering Mikey. This years candlelit vigil for Mikey’s 8th memorial was attended by many family and friends.

“We were also supported by new friends and old including members campaigning for justice for Smiley Culture, Ricky Bishop and Kingsley Burrell.

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IPCC takes over van complaint investigation

IPCC logoIPCC to take over investigation into complaint against van officers

The IPPC are to independently investigate a complaint by Claris Powell, made following the jury’s verdict at the Inquest into the death of her son, Mikey, in a police van on the way to a police station.

The IPCC made this decision on 27 May 2011, after Claris Powell threatened to judicially review their decision to allow West Midlands Police themselves to investigate the complaint against their own officers.

An Inquest jury found on December 18 2009 that Mikey had died in the back of a police van of positional asphyxia. The jury found that Mikey had been put in the police van on his side; that he had been transported to the police station “in between” being on his side and on his front; and that he was “on his front” when he arrived at the police station. The danger of positional asphyxia is greater to someone on their front than on their side.

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