News updates put on hold!

News network iconssource: 4WardEver UK
published: 1 April 2017

From April 2017 there will be no more regular news items posted on the Mikey Powell Campaign website. There may however be the occasional updates related to Mikey’s case or any major national developments.

Tippa Naphtali (cousin of Mikey Powell and founder of 4WardEver UK) said;

“We have taken this decision due to workloads on a very small team of volunteers that manage our online resources. The 4WardEver UK website is the main source for news, resources and information in relation to deaths and abuses in detention, and we therefore need to focus our limited human resources into maintaining that commitment.”

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How to decolonise mental health services

David 'Rocky' Bennett
David ‘Rocky’ Bennett

source: openDemocracy
published: 5 April 2016

Before David ‘Rocky’ Bennett’s death in a psychiatric unit 18 years ago, he sent a letter to the nurse director, pointing out there were no black staff members. He wrote:

“There are over half a dozen black boys in this clinic. I don’t know if you have realised that there are no Africans on your staff at the moment”.

Bennett died while being held down by four staff members at a psychiatric unit after a violent altercation with another patient and a nurse. Looking at the circumstances around his untimely death, it’s clear his blackness was threatening to staff members. He had been using the mental health for at least a decade, yet his needs as a black Rastafarian were not being met.

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Seven deaths in West Midlands police custody in the last 12 years

Police Cell Victimssource: Express & Star
published: 20 February 2016

Seven people have died while in police custody across the West Midlands in the last 12 years, figures have revealed. They include five men and two women arrested on suspicion of crimes ranging from driving while unfit through drink or drugs to affray.

Among them was mother-of-four Sharmila Ullah who was being held at Bloxwich Police Station in July 2014 after being arrested for shoplifting.

A coroner concluded there had been some ‘individual failings’ in regards to observations while she was in custody but he was not satisfied they had contributed to her death.

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