Bereaved families launch petition & campaign on legal aid for inquests

Cases in the UKsource: Ekklesia
published: 27 February 2019

Bereaved families and INQUEST have launched a campaign, Now or Never! Legal Aid for Inquests. This follows the decision by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) to reject widely supported proposals and overwhelming evidence in favour of fair legal funding for bereaved people.

The campaign is calling for the government to reconsider this decision and urgently introduce automatic non-means tested legal aid funding to bereaved families following a state-related death. The detail of this proposal is outlined in a new briefing by INQUEST.

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IPCC upholds Powell family complaint

Mikey Powell sister and motherby: Mikey Powell Campaign
published: 31 October 2013

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) have upheld an appeal by Claris Powell, the mother of Mikey Powell, that the West Midlands Police Chief Constable’s report to the West Midlands Police Authority (WMPA) on 25 March 2010 entitled “The Organisational Response to the Death of Michael Powell and Linda Burtwas misleading.

The Powell family maintained that the report was misleading about the findings of the 2009 Inquest jury ruling in relation to when and where Mikey died.

In December 2010 the Powell family solicitors made a series of complaints on behalf of Mikey Powell’s mother, Claris Powell.

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High Court rules on investigations of psychiatric deaths

Stress - Mental Healthprovided by: INQUEST published: 10 October 2013

R (Antoniou) v 1. The CNWL NHS Trust; The Secretary of State for Health; & NHS England CO/7495/2011

The High Court has handed down judgment today on whether the UK should create a system for independently investigating the deaths of detained psychiatric patients. Lord Justice Aiken and Mr Justice Mitting found that such a system was not required under the current law but raised the possibility that the UK may wish to create such a system on grounds of public policy.

Today’s High Court judgment rejected Dr Michael Antoniou’s judicial review of the failure to conduct an independent investigation into his wife’s death in psychiatric detention.

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