New injustice in Christopher Alder case as no cops will face inquiry for using his body for training

Christopher Aldersource: Socialist Worker
published: 29 July 2014

Police have admitted they may have used the body of Christopher Alder for “training purposes” for years after his family believed they had buried him.

And now the cops’ watchdog has said it will not investigate the revelations.

Christopher died in custody at Hull’s Queen’s Gardens Police Station in April 1998. In 2011 it was revealed that his body had gone unburied for over a decade and was lying in the mortuary of Hull Royal Infirmary.

An exhumation revealed that the body of 77 year old Grace Kamara had been given to the Alder family instead. During a police investigation into the scandal one officer said she had seen the body of Christopher after his supposed funeral.

The Crown Prosecution Service told Christopher’s sister Janet that “about 800” trainee Humberside Police officers were taken into the mortuary between 1998 and 2011.

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