A song for Mikey – Justice Prevails

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A big thank you to all those that have supported the campaign along the way. Particular thanks to Yaz Alexander and Ken Fero (maker of INJUSTICE) who have been there with us helping to raise awareness.

Yaz said: “I applaud the family for their continued persistance in their plight to uncover the ‘whole truth’ and though it took a lot to achieve it I hope their journey inspires and encourages all those countless other’s that are in similar situations to never give up in their fight for Justice.

“Where there’s a will there’s a way and where there is faith there is hope!”

Our thanks to you all… You know who you are!

some previous events

Peaceful Candlelit Vigils
The family have held a vigil outside the Handsworth police station every year to mark the anniversary of his death.

Moving Forward Together
May 2005
The event bought together a number of families and artists including the world renowned poet Benjamin Zephaniah, who famously refused the OBE, in Birmingham on 27th May 2005 to help launch a major new campaign, and to shine a spotlight on the cases of many other families affected by deaths in police and institutional custody.

Mikey Memorial & Injustice CD
September 2006
A hundred people heard an update on the campaign from Mikey’s cousin, Tippa Naphtali. In September 2003 the police were called to a disturbance at the family house in Lozells, Birmingham, where a distressed Mikey Powell had smashed a window.

Art & Soul – Voices from Death Row
March 2007
The 4WardEver Campaign worked in association with Migrant Media and the Free Tony Egbuna Ford Campaign to stage this event in support of the fight for Justice of Tony Ford, another innocent victim of the Texas State capital punishment killing machine; and solidarity with all the other innocent inmates held in US prisons under sentence of death.

Together We Are
September 2007
Together We Are’ was a vibrant night of live music, arts and poetry commemorating the death of Mikey Powell, who died in police custody in September 2003, and in support of Tony Egbuna Ford, an innocent black man awaiting a death sentence in Texas, USA.