Police give evidence at inquest

Thornhill Road Police Station from Socialist Worker Online
9th December 2009

Police officers have been giving evidence to the inquest into the death of Mikey Powell who died in police custody in 2003.

Sergeant Russell Tringham, who was a police constable stationed at Walsall Road Police Station at the time, told the inquest that he had been attending to another call when he received an emergency radio message to go to Wilton Road.

When he arrived, he saw Mikey on his back, handcuffed with his arms above him, resisting arrest by three police officers. Sergeant Tringham did not assist with the restraint and went looking for missing police equipment for a couple of minutes.

When he returned, six officers helped to reposition the handcuffs behind Mikey and a large van had been called to the scene.

Sergeant Tringham said he stood outside the van while officers moved Mikey, who was now calm and not struggling, head first into the van and placed him on his left side with his face facing the side door.

Sergeant Tringham said he was then distracted by the prisoner’s distressed sister as she tried to get past police and to her brother.

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