News updates put on hold!

News network iconssource: 4WardEverUK
published: 1 April 2017

From April 2017 there will be no more regular news items posted on the Mikey Powell Campaign website. There may however be the occasional updates related to Mikey’s case or any major national developments.

Tippa Naphtali (cousin of Mikey Powell and founder of 4WardEver UK) said;

“We have taken this decision due to workloads on a very small team of volunteers that manage our online resources. The 4WardEverUK website is the main source for news, resources and information in relation to deaths and abuses in detention, and we therefore need to focus our limited human resources into maintaining that commitment.”

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Police admit: “We failed Lloyd Butler”

WM Police HQ
West Midlands Police HQ

source: Birmingham Mail 
published: 24 June 2014

Lloyd Butler was failed by police officers, the West Midlands force admitted. Responding to the inquest verdict and the IPCC report, assistant chief constable Gary Cann admitted those involved in his care “fell below the required standards”.

He said: “The jury at Birmingham Coroner’s Court has found officers failed to carry out an adequate risk assessment when arresting Mr Butler, placing him in custody instead of taking him to hospital.

“They also found that, once in custody, proper checks were not adequately carried out and visits were not maintained on schedule.

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Carole Duggan: ‘I’m not going away, they’re not shutting me up’

Carole Duggan & Nephew, Mark Dugganoriginally by: The Guardian
published: 28 February 2014

Carole Duggan doesn’t want us to meet at her house, because she’s sure it has been bugged. She thinks her mobile has also been tapped, so we don’t decide on an alternative venue over the phone. We can’t make arrangements by email, either, because her laptop was stolen in a recent break-in.

It might have been just a random burglary, of course – but the thief was uncommonly tidy, didn’t touch her cash and other valuables, and stole only the computer and a phone. Besides, even if no one is listening in, she’s still wary about talking to me.

The press keep twisting her words, she says, and she worries that whatever she says will be used against her by the Daily Mail and the Sun. So we agree to meet at the train station in Manchester, and take it from there.

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