Event: Memorial event held 25 years after Joy Gardner’s killing

Joy Gardner Campaign
Joy Gardner Campaign – United We Stand

source: World Socialist Website
originally published: 3 August 2018

A well-attended memorial event, “Justice Denied—The Life and Times of Joy Gardner,” marked 25 years since the 1993 murder of Jamaican mother Joy Gardner by the British government’s Alien Deportation Squad (ADG).

Held in North London’s West Indian Cultural Centre, the event included a showing of Ken Fero’s documentary Justice Denied about Joy’s murder. The memorial was held by the United Families and Friends (UFF) campaign, set up in 1998 to expose deaths in police custody and prison.

The main speaker was Joy’s mother, Myrna Simpson, who is also interviewed extensively in the film. Justice Denied can be viewed on Vimeo here.

Fero’s film was made in the months between Joy’s death and the acquittal of three police officers tried for her murder. Primarily via interviews with Myrna, other members of Joy’s family and contemporary footage, the film brings out the brutality of the ADG raid and the Home Office policy behind it.

Joy arrived in Britain in 1987 legally, on a six-month visa. Her son, Graeme, was born in Britain. Joy’s visa expired, but in 1993 she applied to the then-Tory home secretary for a deportation order to be revoked on compassionate grounds.

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