Corporate manslaughter victory

Mikey - new change in lawThis clip appeared on BBC West Midlands news following the announcement that police and other bodies can now be prosecuted over deaths in custody in England and Wales. The footage includes interviews with Tippa Naphtali (Mikey Powell Campaign) and Helen Shaw (INQUEST).

The main legislation came into force three years ago but ministers gave public bodies which hold people in detention until now to prepare for it. Campaigners have welcomed the change. Corporations can already be prosecuted for corporate manslaughter or for the equivalent offence (corporate homicide) in Scotland.

Watch the short clip here:

Legislation – The History:

The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act was given Royal assent on 26 July 2007. The offence came into force on 6 April 2008 and is called corporate manslaughter in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and corporate homicide in Scotland.

Provisions in the Act which relate to publicity orders (see section 10 of the Act ) will commence when sentencing guidelines are published. It is anticipated that this will be by Summer 2009.

Provisions in the Act which relate to the management of custody (see sections 2(1)(d) and 2(2) of the Act ) will also come into force at a later stage. It is expected that the implementation period will be between 3-5 years.

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