New Play : ‘Custody’ explores deaths of black men under care of police

Police at 10 Downing Streetsource: The Voice Online
published: 25 March 2017

Do the names Sarah Reed, Sheku Bayoh and Sean Rigg mean anything to you? Those are just a few of the black people who have died in police custody here in the UK.

While their names may ring a bell, black and minority ethnic (BAME) people who have died while in custody rarely make mainstream headlines and calls into question the importance placed on black lives in Britain today.

And while these victims’ deaths go unreported, their families are hit with questions about the tragedy that they may never have the answers to.

In the new play, Custody, created by actor and playwright Urbain Hayo and acclaimed writer Tom Wainwright, the focus is on this aspect of deaths in police custody and they explore how families cope with the loss of their loved ones.

The play, directed by Gbemi Ikumelo, is based on real-life experiences of British families as well as Hayo’s own experiences of stop and searches.

The inspiration behind the thought-provoking play was a documentary, INJUSTICE by Ken Fero that the actor watched, which deeply inspired him to create the concept.

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