Y-Stop has launched new stop & search app

Y-Stop launches new app
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all credits: StopWatch
published: 28 August 2015

StopWatch, in partnership with Release, launched an exciting new app through it’s youth-focused project, Y-Stop. The app will encourage police accountability, by making it easier for people to complain about stop and search encounters.

People who have been treated badly by the police or think something unlawful has happened can now make a direct complaint or just report their experiences to Y-Stop via the app.

The app will allow people to:

  • Report personal stop and search experiences, or those they have witnessed
  • Record video/audio of interactions with the police and send it directly to Y-Stop
  • Connect with lawyers and experts for support
  • Make a complaint directly to the police
  • Learn one’s rights and how to stay safe

For more information and to download the app, find it on the Y-Stop website here.