The case for independent investigation of deaths in mental health institutions

Stress - Mental Healthsource: openDemocracy
published: 18 May 2015

Rebecca Overy was just 18 when she was found collapsed with a ligature around her neck on 23 June 2013 in Annesley House, a privately-run adult secure hospital in Nottinghamshire.

Rebecca had a history of mental health problems and self-harm, and had been receiving treatment in hospital since the age of 13. She was initially detained under the Children’s Act and later the Mental Health Act.

As she approached her 18th birthday, she was making progress at a private hospital in Woking, Surrey.

Plans were being made for her eventual release. She had secured a college place to study animal welfare and her mother had found her voluntary work at an animal charity. Rebecca liked making jewellery.

In her room at the unit she listened to music; she had posters on her wall.

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