After 4 years, Kingsley Burrell inquest set to commence

Kingsley Burrellsource: BirminghamStrong Justice 4 ALL
published: 11 March 2015

Finally after some 4 years the Burrell Family, Campaign and indeed the Public will be getting some answers to those vital questions as to what actually happened to Kingsley during those 72 hours prior to his unexplained death.

The inquest which is finally scheduled to commence on Tuesday 7th April at Birmingham Coroners Court appears to be a long-awaited milestone in the quest for justice in this matter.

Over the past 4 years this matter has drawn a lot of attention and concerns have been expressed as to the suitability of Birmingham Coroner’s Court owing to its size.

This is a highly complicated case and involves several agencies, hence in the region of seven Barristers, The Burrell family, Several Witnesses, The Campaign Team and also the Public and clearly the Coroners Court is not large enough for this.

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