Custody deaths in England & Wales 2012

Deaths in police custody 2002-2012all credits: INQUEST 
published: March 2013

As of 31 December 2012 there were 186 deaths is prison, of which 60 were self-inflicted.

The year was defined by three spikes in self-inflicted deaths: January saw the highest number, followed by July. And despite a decline through the Autumn, the number of self-inflicted deaths rose sharply in December. This is a common pattern as the festive period can be a challenging and difficult time for vulnerable people. January was notable too for the self-inflicted deaths of two children in prison custody – Jake Hardy, 17, and 15 year old Alex Kelly.

There were a total of 23 deaths in police custody or as the result of a road incident or shooting. Nine were custody deaths, one was a police shooting and 13 were caused by police pursuit or a road traffic incident.

Source: INQUEST casework and monitoring.

Further statistical information can be found here >

Recurrent issues relating to police deaths were identified throughout 2012, with restraint and mental health a particular theme. INQUEST plans to publish a full statistical overview for 2012 soon.

Deaths in custody 2013

As of 28 February 2013 there have been 28 deaths in prison custody, of which 6 were self-inflicted.

There have been 4 police deaths so far in 2013, all four of which were the consequence of a police pursuit.